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Eid Festive Sal
Ramadan Kareem

Darya Dadvar


23rd April 2018

Live for the first time ever in the Middle East, Iranian diva Darya Dadvar will be bringing her mesmerising performance to Dubai Opera.

As the first Iranian woman to perform on stage as a soloist, 24 years after the Iranian revolution, Darya’s unique hallmark style effortlessly combines both the traditional music of Iran and European classical styles.

Darya moves seamlessly between French, English and Farsi dialects, blending classical, jazz and blues with traditional elements.  This powerful and highly personal style is what sets her apart as one of the most innovative artists in ‘World Music’ today.

Don’t miss an unforgettable performance full of grace, charm, and sensational talent as Darya’s compelling voice and style will captivate your heart.


“We’re all people, we all have pain, we fall in love, we’re all the same.”

Darya Dadvar Event

Vita Lita Salon
Adnan Jewellery 

The Spring Show invited consumers from all over the city. 

The show was a treasure trove of breathtaking designs and the most beautiful pieces from our in house design collection.

Spring Show Collection
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